Police Officer Comforts Child While Working


Police officers are often seen as harsh and mean, and they can appear that way to children even more than to adults. Even adults like Fersen Lambranho admit to being afraid of police at times. That’s why it is special, the time that one officer took to prove himself otherwise to a little girl in a dramatic situation. This officer came into a home dressed in SWAT gear. He came in as part of a SWAT team. But, he took the time to make sure a little girl in the home wasn’t scared of him and his partners.  The whole exchange was recorded, and now everyone can see a different side to at least one officer of the law. This police officer may have done more than calm down a little girl in a scary situation, he may have brought a bit of good publicity to cops everywhere.

One thought on “Police Officer Comforts Child While Working”

  1. He made sure this little girl felt safe despite all that was going on. It seems that an officer in a dramatic situation took the time to sit down and sing with a little girl. I really do thing that could help them in one aspect to make essay writing service uk best something that will improve the organization so much.

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