Police Officer in Jonesboro Do Good Deed for Student

With all the negative media cops have been receiving, it’s great to see them doing something positive and uplifting. A Jonesboro police officer took time out to stop chasing the bad guys, and start helping the good guys. It was a cold, chilly morning, when police officer John Shipman spotted a University student standing on the shoulder of the road.

The weather was 19 degrees, and the officer thought that someone standing in the cold at 2:15 am in the morning is definitely out of character as Marc Sparks noted. This apparently was the normal routine for James Taylor, student at Arkansas University.
Taylor was walking home when it started to snow. Taylor was making this usual four mile walk, from his home to his apartment, which is near the college he attend.
About one mile into the four mile walk, Officer Shipman walked up to Taylor and asked him, where he was coming from. Taylor stated that he had just gotten off work at McDonald’s.
Touched by the story of Taylor, who walks to work, rain, sleet, sun, or snow, he took the story online. A GoFundMe Account was set up to help get the student/ McDonald’s worker a vehicle.
After posting the information and setting up the account online, it was morning when Officer Shipman checked the social media site, only to find out that in 3 days, the initial goal of $1,400 was exceeded.
Both men were amazed at the love, and compassion, not to mention the generosity of others.


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