Postman Unexpectedly Responds to Young Boy’s Letter to Dog in Heaven

Luke Westbrooke of Norfolk was only three-and-a-half when the family beagle named Moe passed away.

As most children don’t yet understand the finality of passing away, Luke kept asking his parents if Moe was coming back. Then one day, Luke asked his mother if he could write a letter to Moe in Heaven as she posted on facebook.

His mother agreed and it became an almost-daily crayon-filled session between the two. The letters would then go into the mailbox without as much as a proper address or stamp. Then after Luke was asleep for the night, his mother would go out to the mailbox and write reply letters posing as the dog.

Then one day, she forgot one of the letters and figured that it would simply be pitched once it reached the post office. However, to the mother’s surprise and Luke’s delight, the postman wrote a short letter back posing as Moe.

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