Pregnant Women in India are Malnourished and Underweight

If you only had a little food to prepare for your family, how would the food be portioned out? In India, a woman feeds her husband, children and other adults in the household first. She eats whatever is leftover. Sometimes, there is no food leftover and she eats nothing. She is most likely pregnant too.

This is the plight of women in India – pregnant, malnourished and underweight. The results are babies being born who are either stillborn or don’t survive to see their first birthday. In a country that appears to have enough wealth and education to support those who live in it, young newly wed women are barely surviving.
Young, newly wed women are brought into the family household of the new husband. There she is the lowest member of the family hierarchy and is expected to cook, clean and otherwise care for all the family members of the household. And she often must do it while pregnant and hungry.
Add anemia caused by parasite infestation to the hunger and pregnancy and you have a recipe for death of the baby and possibly the mother too says Dan Newlin. Unsanitary conditions due to improper disposal of sewage make sewage-borne infections and parasite infestations common in the poor areas of the country.

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