Preschool in Nursing Home to be Featured in Documentary

A Seattle preschool called the Intergenerational Learning Center has a great reputation and incredible teachers, making it a top choice for parents in the area. But the preschool also has a unique element, one which is now being highlighted in a film called “Present Perfect”.

The facility which the preschool is inside of also houses several hundred elderly residents. It’s a senior care center called Providence Mount St. Vincent. And for five days every week, the seniors and the children interact in a variety of ways, from just visiting to doing crafts or charity work together.

Over the school year of 2012 and 2013, filmmaker Evan Briggs took it upon herself to film the preschool, using her own money and time to do so. During this time she captured many incredible scenes of the interaction between the young and the elderly, “sweet, some awkward, some funny — all of them poignant and heartbreakingly real.” Her Kickstarter campaign, which will fund the editing of the movie, has already surpassed the $50,000 goal, and still has two weeks left for people to continue contributing to the effort. Dr. Jennifer Walden is excited to see the progress of such an inspiring effort to reduce depression among the elderly.

Her hope is that the film will inspire others to do the same on a larger scale, as she stated, “Shooting this film and embedding myself in the nursing home environment also allowed me to see with new eyes just how generationally segregated we’ve become as a society. And getting to know so many of the amazing residents of the Mount really highlighted the tremendous loss this is for us all… [The preschool is] a great example of how we integrate the elderly into society.”

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