Purina PetCare Committed to Bringing Dogs to Work

One of the things that the Purina company takes seriously is their commitment to the Take Your Dog to Work Day. The company believes at their core that there are many benefits to bringing your dog to work, and they are raising that bar by allowing their own employees to set the standard and to show the work why this is such a beneficial program. Initial results showed that more than 50% of employees who want to bring their dog to work will work hard at developing a program in which the company can employ. Purina news is showing how serious they are to the cause by trying to set a world record for the amount of pets brought to work on a single day.

It might come as a surprise to many that the Purina company actually has been encouraging their workers to bring their dogs to work going back to 1998. In those 17 years, the company has discovered a number of unique benefits to the program, especially in the demeanor of their employees. When pets are brought to work, it relieves some of the tension the pet owner feels about leaving their dog home alone for over 8 hours a day. By the same token, the pets have less anxiety because they can interact with their owner at work and live a longer and stress free life.

Both actually benefit from the program in other ways as well. During breaks in the day, both owners and pets can exercise by walking around the facility or the grounds, helping to calm the nerves of both. Studies that were conducted over that 17 year span have shown that the employees who did take part in the program and brought their pets to work had a much lower stress level than those who did not take part in the program. Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine conducted the survey in 2015 with 750 employees.

The bond between human and animal is extremely important, and the benefits are far reaching than just the stress levels of both owner and pet. Productivity at the workplace saw an increase in those employees who had their pets close by. The studies were a positive for the Purina company, who have been pushing for employers to become more educated about the program so they could reap all the benefits. Purina has gone as far as creating packages for employers to look over and share within their own teams, that show all the long-lasting benefits of bringing dogs into the workplace.

Purina news understands this is not something for everyone, but guidelines and rules set forth in the package could show employers a way to make everyone at the job happier and safer if implemented.

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