Q-Net Expanding From Regional Player to Global Power

When Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bizmark founded Q-Net in 1998, they knew that they wanted to create a company that sold quality products and treated its direct sales force fairly. In less than twenty years, Q-Net has grown from a fledgling company in Southeast Asia selling collectible coins to a regional powerhouse that is close to developing a global brand.

Q-Net is the main subsidiary of the Qi Group of companies and combines the dynamics of a direct sales business with the technology of e-commerce. Its original products were commemorative gold coins for the 1996 Sydney Olympics. Even though it got into the business two years later than most of its competitors, by the year 2000 it became the third largest distributor of the product worldwide.

Q-Net has since diversified its product line. It still sells luxury goods and collectibles but has begun to focus more on life enhancement and wellness products. This includes a full line of cosmetic and nutritional products and also includes expansion into travel packages and education. This is in line with the spiritual beliefs of Eswaran and Bizmark, who treat their business not simply as a money making venture but as an enterprise designed to bolster the well being of its employees, its sales force and its customers.

Q-Net is headquartered in Hong Kong with regional offices in Southeast Asia. Over the past few years, however, it has made an effort to expand both its sales and production operations in India. Eswaran, born in Malaysia but of Indian heritage, has long recognized the potential of the country. One obstacle Q-Net is addressing is the country’s restrictive laws on direct sales operations. Because of bad experiences with fraudulent marketers who operated Ponzi Schemes, India’s Banning Act prohibits many forms of direct sales. With its presence in the country, Q-Net can also lend its expertise to India to help develop regulations that allow for robust entrepreneurship while punishing scam artists.

In 2014, Q-Net expanded its reach even further by becoming the official direct sales representative of Manchester City Football Club. The sponsorship allows for several branding tie ins as well as a presence in Europe and a reach to the club’s football fans worldwide. Q-Net appears to be poised for expansion into even more distant markets worldwide.