QNET: A Well Established, Direct Selling, International E Commerce Company For All

Established in 1998 and founded by Vijay Eswaran, QNET has been the world’s biggest business and online shopping community for anyone of any social and economic class. Also being the world’s fastest growing company, QNET hosts many entrepreneurial opportunities promoting an extensive product portfolio and promoting the business. Based in Hong Kong, the company sells a variety of products from weight management and home care products to fashion accessories. Already expanding the business to over one hundred countries including North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, QNET is shifting the bases of it’s manufacturing to India by the next couple of years.

QNET’s products encourage a healthy lifestyle and enhance the lives of it’s customers. The company decided to develop products that make daily life better so that the product would focus on life enhancement for it’s customers. Focusing on enhancing the lives of it’s customers is the company’s number one priority and has allowed the company to expand its offerings to water filtration, education, and vacation packages.

Amezcua, a branch of QNET, has an unparalleled range of energy products such as the chi pendant. Another product from Amezcua, the Bio disc, is said to greatly enhance water’s positive effect on the human body. These products from Amezcua are made from high quality glass, which are made from manufacturers with over one hundred years experience in glass making. Also known as the number one glass manufacturer in the world, the glass is made in a top notch German facility.

QNET is the secondary company of the Qi Group. The Qi Group (QNET) has a multi-level marketing strategy, in which utilizes independent distributors to distribute their products to the customer. The representatives receive compensation based off how much the teams they have established accumulates and the volume of the representative’s sales. The independent representative’s compensation is based off direct transaction and indirect transaction sales made. For each transaction made, rather direct or indirect, one sale is accounted for.

Once three transactions are made successfully, two hundred fifty dollars is paid to the representative by the company. Becoming an independent representative for the Qi Group, in itself, appears to be a life enhancing experience.

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