QNet to Greatly Expand in India

QNet is quickly establishes its name and brand in the global world of e-commerce. The company, based out of Hong Kong, has been in business for over 15 years and experienced an interesting increase in growth over that time. Now, the company is trying to make India one of its primary markets. The entry into India is not new. QNet has been involved with direct selling in India for over a dozen years. The past endeavors the company engaged in while in India are going to be expanded. There are two major ways QNet wants to do this.

The direct selling world has shocked to discover the incredible news from QNet. The company is moving 100% of all its manufacturing and production to India. The company has a very compelling reason for making this decision. The costs of production and labor in India are far less expensive than is the case in other areas of the world. Business websites and newspapers are reporting QNet could save a significant amount of money off current margins. More than 10% in savings is possible and that is a huge amount of money to simply wipe away from production costs.

QNet is not solely interested in saving money. The company wants to earn money as well. QNet surely wants to grow its base of affiliates and also boost sales figures. Since production is being shifted to India, it would make perfect sense to expand direct sales in the territory.

India’s economy is doing quite well. The market is an emerging one. QNet realizes increasing the volume of sales (and increasing its sales force) in the country could prove very profitable. The products will already be present in the country so moving them is fairly easy. International shipping is unnecessary. All of this makes moving physical products easier and could contribute to attracting affiliates to help with the sales.

QNet also has visions of selling service-oriented items to those who may be interested in such things. This should not be considered anything of great surprise. Why would QNet stop and solely sell products and not promote the services it offers. Both products and services will focus, in part, on health and wellness. The belief is India has a strong niche market for health and wellness products and services. QNet also has an India-centric website.

Will QNet find great success in India? There is no reason to assume the company won’t.

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