Reifler Is Trying To Help The Common Man

Forefront Capital hopes to introduce the 99 percent to the world of investing. Based on an article on Yahoo Finance Brad Reifler says Forefront Capital will launch a new initiative called Forefront Income Trust.

The new initiative is to help those that are not in the one percent the ability to invest. Currently the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) require investors to be accredited. To become accredited a person or corporation must meet certain income requirements before they can invest, starting at $200,000 and going up to over $1 Million.

Because of the extreme requirements set by the SEC the majority of people are unable to invest their money. The rules set by the SEC are over 30 years old and are now outdated with how people can become educated about investing, and the options available to them.

The Investor Advisory Committee is tasked with reviewing what makes a person an accredited investor. Investor Advisory Committee was started in 2010 and will review the definition every four years to make sure the definition accounts for new technologies and ideas of investing.

He’d given investment tips before but now Brad Reifler decided to look into the options afforded to the middle class, and what could be done to allow them to invest without requiring a minimum of $200,000, and thus Forefront Income Trust was born. With Forefront Income Trust a person could invest with a minimum of $2,500, a far cry from the $200,000 requirement.

On his Twitter Brad Reifler described that he invested in a 529 college savings plan when he was younger, as it was available to anyone, of any income level. Later Reifler would find out the fund was worthless, and ended up losing money.

The final straw for Reifler was when his father-in-law gave his life savings to Reifler to invest, this is when Reifler realized there were virtual no options for the 99 percent. With this information, Reifler set out to make a fund in which anyone could invest in, giving more options to the middle class.

Brad Reifler started his massive rise within the investments world when he founded Pali Capital in 1995. He successful led Pali Capital as CEO until 2008 at which point the company had revenues over $200 milllion a year. Not only did Reifler see the company to excellent returns, he also helped expand the company to more than 200 employees around the world. All outlined on Brad’s official website.

In 2009 Reifler decided to get back into investments by founding Forefront Management Group, LLC. Here is where Reifler has hit his stride offering a diverse set of options for investors, this includes the types of investors such as individuals or institutions, both of which Forefront Management Group handles. With the new initiative Brad Reifler hopes to bring his expertise to the everyday person. Check out what they’re doing next on the Forefront Group website.

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