Resume Tips For High Powered Jobs By Jared Haftel

Jared Haftel is a successful individual who has held a number of high powered jobs. He has managed to work his well through Duke University in four years and gained three degrees. He then went on to do an internship at Credit Suisse and used that to land a job at Bank of America. As such, it is a wise choice to have a listen to what he has to say about crafting just the right resume for high powered jobs. Very often those who follow Jared’s advice can polish up their own resume and potentially land the high powered job that they have been seeking for so long.

One of the things that he recommends is to put a highlight on the work experiences that one has had. He says that these things are more important than the external accomplishments that one has managed to achieve. It is his belief that having those work accomplishments down helps the potential employer to see what kind of experience you have and why they should be hiring you in the first place.

He says that employers are not likely to want to know about the kind of things that you have accomplished in your college years and particularly not in your high school years. While the degrees may matter to an employer, the other accomplishments are not to be noted as heavily Jared Haftel says. Internships and previous work opportunities are the kind of things that the employers want to know about.

Although everyone should set themselves in the best light possible on their resume, they should also ensure that they are prepared to answer the hard questions if they have to. This means that they need to be prepared to be quizzed on any number of topics. There could be questions that an employer wants to ask in order to get a better idea of the kind of employee that they are dealing with. They need to be able to understand the kind of employee that they are about to hire on. If they can manage to get these detailed, then they can make a decision about if they want to hire a person or not.

Consider all of the possible ways that an employer could possibly view the resume you are presenting to them and make sure that it is polished up the way that you want it to be. If your resume needs a little work, there is nothing wrong with that. Just be sure that you get those important changes made before the resume is presented.

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