Rick Smith’s Awesome Contributions to Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is a famous man in Securus Technology, holding the CEO position. Rick was promoted to CEO in July 2008, and since then he has made Securus even more successful than it was. The company is involved with the technology related issues in the correction facilities and prisons. Rick has a rich educational background that makes him capable of running such a business and making it a popular enterprise. He attended Rochester Institute of Technology and earned an Associate’s Degree. Later joined the State University of Technology and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering as well as doing Master’s in Engineering in the same place. Rick also has an MBA that he achieved through the State University of New York’s Simon School. Rick Smith has gained experience from working with other companies such as the Global Crossing where he held several positions.

Rick then moved to Frontier Information Technologies where he held the President position. Years later he has had the chance to work with different technology based companies such as Midwest Telephone Operations and Eschelon Telecom where got to be the leading team of the firms.Rick has the experience to head of Securus Technologies and make its profits grow. Securus is well-known because of the services they provide. The company offers technology that is meant for biometric analysis, monitoring systems, inmate self-service products, communications and emergency response. The company serves approximately 1000000 prisoners and 2600 correction facilities. Securus has their headquarters located in Dallas, Texas.Securus is a growing firm with fantastic technology that brings safety to the society by protecting them from any crime. The company’s products enable investigations to be possible especially for crimes committed in the prisons.

Offenses committed by inmates cannot bring harm to the society because of Securus products that secure such prisons and correction facilities. Recently Securus acquired another firm dealing with technology and just like Securus the company also deals with prison systems. JPay is the company the Securus team gained. Jpay is a firm best known for their technology that provides prisons and correction facilities with email, electronic payment services and also apps that are educational as well as serve as entertainment for the inmates.JPay served more than 33 prison system in the United States. The transaction will benefit Securus by allowing them to provide more services and products to the prison systems. JPay’s technology will also enable Securus to be able to operate a modern prison. Rick stated that he was excited about the deal that the two companies made. Recently Rick also received emails and letter written by citizens who found their services and products very good and they were just expressing their gratitude. Rick replied to the emails and letters and was grateful for the appreciation.

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