Rodrigo Terpins: Legend In The Making

Born into a family with a history in sports and business; Rodrigo Terpins, would follow his father’s footsteps in terms of his aptitude for sports as well as his skills in business. Rodrigo’s father, Jack Terpins, was a very successful basketball player, whom played as a defender for the Hebraica team. Aside from being know for basketball, his father is the president of both Latin American Jewish Council and the Maccahi Latin American confederation. The families successful name does not stop there, as Rodrigo is also brother to the famous and high achieving rally driver Michel Terpins.

Rodrigo and brother Michel, race for the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, the two have raced together for the past four seasons on board T-Rex. The team was developed for he and his brother, specifically by the MEM Motorsport organization. Teaming up with his equally talented brother, the two have won numerous championship races together. Rodrigo has completed five Sertoes Rallies in the curriculum at the age of 44, and having a goal to feature as one of the Brazilian rally legends, Rodrigo Terpins is certainly living up to his family’s name.

Rodrigo’s success and fame does not just consist of rally racing, as he is the founder of Floresvale; an environmentally-conscious timber company. Being most of the wood that comes out of Brazil is not certified, Rodrigo’s will and compassion to expand environmental consciousness and awareness has played a role in his success of Floresvale. By staying connected with and aware of what is going on in the world outside of himself and Brazil, Rodrigo strives to always continue to learn and study hard about what is going on in relations to consumer trends. With the hard work Rodrigo has put in, he may have already reached his goal of becoming a legend.


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