SahmAdrangi: A Strong Force behind Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC

Mr. Adrangi is a man of composure as described by many in the business sector. SahmAdrangi is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerraside Capital Management since 2009. Before he rose to fame, Mr. Adrangi worked at Longacre Fund Management as an Investment Analyst. He is a holder of Bachelor of Art in Economics from Yale University. His prowess in the business sector has been noted by many other companies he has worked for before. This is attested by his experience at Chanin Capital Partners where he advised the creditors in out-of-court and bankruptcy restructurings.Mr. Adrangi may be termed as an epitome of experience due to his expertise. He has been in the working force with some of the prestigious brand companies in New York. He has worked for the Leveraged finance group of Deutsche Bank. His major role was in debt refinancing, restructuring, and syndicating of non-investment grade banks debt.

Contrary to his persona, Mr. Adrangi’s company Kerraside Capital Management is a force to reckon with! Within a short period, the firm has raised $100 million which is planned to bet against a single stock, something which they are well accustomed to. Kerraside Management is a firm based in New York that is involved in investment management and manages about $500 million plus worth of investment. Since its inception in 2009, the firm has been involved with high-value investments and special event-driven scenarios which they have managed professionally. As opposed to other firms, the company shares its ideas of investment with the public and the general investment family. Mr. Adrangi is well known for his tenacious response to the various Chinese Companies which he found out to be limbo. He has played an active role in activism as with the Satellite Company of Globalstar, Sage Therapeutics, and Zafgen. The Kerraside firm plans to use the hedge-fund that was raised to bet in the stock of a whopping $10 billion company which has not yet been unveiled, but Mr. Adrangi has promised to name the company soon. The firm gets an annual return of about 28 percent out of its bets against the various companies in the last five years. This is surprisingly good return for a small company.

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