Sam Tabar and THINX: A Philanthropic Investment

THINX has now received the backing of a very influential investor. Sam Tabar, a very well known attorney, has decided to put some money into THINX and make it part of his portfolio.

The company makes very special women’s undergarments designed to help reduce the impact menstruation and incontinence have on daily life activities. The undergarments are primarily made available to women living in Africa and America.

Tabar notes that a woman who purchases these undergarments does not have to miss work due to being unable to access or afford sanitary pads. The undergarments are completely re-washable and are designed with a unique sense of fashion style.

Tabar has a great deal of experience in law and investments. A practicing attorney, Tabar also worked hedge funds and maintains a solid insight into what investments are worth pursuing. He has noted their is a philanthropic approach with this particular investment.

Those who wish to read more about Sam Tabar and his decision to support THINX should click on the link to check out the press release.

One thought on “Sam Tabar and THINX: A Philanthropic Investment”

  1. Putting money into such a vehicle shows how certain global investments not only put money to work, they also help make life better for other people. THINX is a startup company that first raised funding through Kickstarter. The issue with these professional thesis writers is that they do not have much of what they need too through Kickstater.

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