Sanjay Shah Gives Entrepreneurial Advice Via Podcast

Eric Dye is a well known host to those who regularly listen to the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio and has recently been discussing the work of Solo Capital founder Sanjay Shah. The London born entrepreneur is perhaps best known for his establishment of the Autism Rocks charity that provides funding for research into the diagnosis of autism and how best to support families affected by the neurological condition. Shah has an entertaining story to tell about how he came to establish Solo Capital and became inspired to develop Autism Rocks to the large charity and music provider it has become in 2016.

Sanjay Shah is now one of the best known entrepreneurs in the world, but his life could have been much different if he had followed his initial course of study at a London university as a medical student. After finding his love of finance while studying in London Shah developed a strong career on the London markets before finding himself at a career crossroads during the 2008 economic slowdown. Rather than continue to work long hours on the London markets and spend most of his time away from his family in Dubai, Shah formed Solo Capital with offices in London and Dubai.

After moving to Dubai the Shah fmaily were also faced with the diagnosis of Sanjay’s youngest son, Nikhal with autism; this diagnosis has been reported by Shah to have changed his life in many ways and prompted his decision to establish a charity dedicated to the issues facing families affected by autism. A chance meeting with the rapper Snoop Dogg is cited by Sanjay Shah as one of the important factors that inspired him to develop the Autism Rocks charity.

Autism Rocks forms a large part of the interview of Sanjay Shah conducted by Eric Dye as the Solo Capital founder discussed how best to give something back to the community when finding success as an entrepreneur. Shah explained his love for his family and a passion for music prompted his decision to raise funds by providing invitation only concerts by major international musical artists; Sanjay Shah went on to explain the focus of Autism Rocks had changed in recent times to include its first music festival in 2016.


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