Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo Capital

Solo Capital, which is also known as Solo Capital Partners LLP, is a boutique financial services house with London being its home base. It was started by Sanjay Shah in 2009 and is controlled by the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. It was incorporated in 2011.

Solo Capital deals in several areas of finance, investments

Its chief business divisions consist of Agency Brokerage, as well as Investment Management, along with Securities Lending, Safeguarding and Administration of Assets and Client Money, and finally, Principal Trading. Solo Capital provides advice for all kinds of top financial services for their investors and clients. Out of these, they specialize in investments in pro sports, and proprietary trading and consulting.

The company reported a net worth of more than 15 pounds, along with assets of more than 67 pounds, and they also reported cash flow of more than 30 pounds. The report came in at the end of March 2015.

Background for Sanjay Shah

Besides being the creator of Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah is likewise its Chief Executive Officer. He additionally owns Aesa S.a.r.l., and they control Solo Group Holdings. He also is the owner of over 36 businesses in London, as well as in Malta, the Cayman Islands, as well as Dubai, The British Virgin Islands, and Luxembourg.

His earnings for the first year Solo Capital was incorporated was nineteen million pounds, and by 2014 he had taken over another financial institute called Old Park Lane Capital, which is invitation only for stock brokers and specializes in natural resources. By this past January 2016, Shah’s own net worth was up to 280 million US dollars. However, he has said that he is now retired.

Shah started out to be a doctor

Surprisingly, Shah originally wanted to become a doctor of medicine, but then got interested in finance and investments instead. He stopped his medical studies and first became an accountant and subsequently worked at several banks. Some of those banks are very well known, such as Merrill Lynch, as well as Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.

Shah is also philanthropist

Besides being involved in financial dealings, Shah is also a philanthropist as he raises money for autism with musical concerts. He started doing this in part due to his son being diagnosed with autism when he was only four years old. He started a special website to help earn money for the cause called Autism Rocks, and he is a trustee for the Autism Research Trust, and the donations from it go to the Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. He is their trust director.

All in all, Shah has been very busy with both financial and philanthropist activities that help children.

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