Sanjay Shah Starts Autism Rocks.

Solo Capital Market is a very famous boutique financial investment institution that is headquartered in London. The company is believed to be regulated by Britain since it was founded there. The company has several branches that are situated in different parts of the world. It main branches are found in London, and the other in Dubai. Solo capital holding started as a small company operating in a tiny room in central London. After a lot of hard work from its founder, the company has grown so many, improving its capital and doubling its revenue every now and then. The company was incorporated in 2011, and it has given the owner’s quite good profits year in year out.

Solo Capital is managed by Solo Group Holdings. The founder of the company is believed to be the famous British Millionaire known as Sanjay Shah. He started the company after leaving his work as an accountant in several banks in London. Before becoming an accountant, the Shah was a medical doctor. He, however, decided to abandon the job after he felt that he was not a very good doctor. He did not want to compromise the health of his patients, so he left for a career that would give him the satisfaction he was looking for.

Sanjay Shah has worked for financial institutions, giving him enough experience to run his own investment company. Although his position in these institutions was an accountant, he learned a lot, and today, he has become a millionaire due to the expertise he used to start Solo Capital from scratch. When he was staring Solo Capital, his main intention was to offer employment opportunities for unemployed graduates and also build a strong emperor. The company was mainly dealing with brokerage activities, but after incorporation in September 2011, the institution added more services to its customers.

Apart from owning Solo Capital Market, Shah has other companies under his name too. Reports say that at the moment he has over thirty-eight companies, all located in different cities. These companies are not specializing in the financial sector. All of them are different, and they have given him enough wealth, enabling him to retire at a very young age. Today his offices are in London and Dubai.

Sanjay Shah is also the founder of the popular global charitable organization known as Autism Rocks. He organizes concerts with popular musicians in the world to try and raise enough funds to support autism research and also support children suffering from the medical condition. His youngest son, Nikhil has autism, and this changed his life and how he handled the condition. Most of his funds are given to the charitable organization. Before starting the charitable organization, he would send his donations to young children in India for survival.

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