Securus Video Visitation Drops Crime Rates

The benefits of video visitation technology from Securus Technologies are many. One of the benefits is the portability of the technology. Not only do families save money and time virtually visiting with their inmate on the inside of a prison, they can take that prisoner where ever they’d like.


You can use a tablet or a smartphone with this video visitation technology. These two pieces of electronic equipment are very portable and can be taken on the go. You could theoretically take your inmate on a stroll in the park, bring them into a child’s birthday party, or you could tour them around the decorations on the Christmas tree in the living room. The only limits to this technology are in your imagination.


This should come as good news for everybody because recidivism rates drop when prisoners are allowed to communicate freely with the outside world. A well-connected prisoner is much less likely to commit another crime when released because that prisoner feels connected to the outside world. Cutting prisoner communications disenfranchises inmates to drive up crime rates. Video visitation technology is literally making the streets of your neighborhood safer.


This is the kind of benefit that Securus should be touting. The telecommunications company is currently advertising the benefits of video visitation in multiple states around the country. Though, this kind of technology can be counterintuitive.


Most people think that crime rates drop when the government gets tough on crime. But that is exactly the opposite of what actually happens. Crime rates drop when the government views crime as a public safety issue. There is a lot of data on how to treat prisoners and their families in order to reduce recidivism. This video visitation technology is sure to drop crime rates and that is something that Securus should include in its advertising.


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