Showing Appreciation to a Teacher

What does a man do when he wants to let his former high school teachers know that he appreciates all that they did for them? Some would send those teachers a letter, some would give them a call or stop by to visit. Kevin Perz, a man from Kansas, decided to go a little bigger than those options.

Kevin Perz surprised one of his former teachers with a check thanking them for what they did for him. Just how big of a check did this man give? The check was made out for $10,000. Talk about showing appreciation.

The former teacher of Kevin Perz was surprised to receive such a gift, and it really helped to make her feel appreciated for all that she had done. One man used his appreciation to change the life of a former teacher, and he is an example to all. Igor Cornelsen knows that not everyone can give a large gift like this man gave, but everyone can do something to show their thanks to those who have helped them through life in some way.

One thought on “Showing Appreciation to a Teacher”

  1. All the states will have to come and learn from this case here and perhaps they can make the changes now. In time of making rushessay more popular in this feature, I think it has lasted well for making others with Cornelsen more relaxed about the things given. It goes to show that there are more to be done that Kevin helps us to see from his peculiar example.

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