Sister Falls for Man who Received her Brother’s Heart

The story on The Daily Mail about a heart transplant patient who fell in love has really brought tears to my eyes this morning. Marc Sparks said it is a beautiful story that makes you believe in love at first sight- or something bigger.

Kellen Roberts was 22-year-old when he died in a tragic freak accident. During a fight at a party, Kellen was punched and ultimately died when he hit his head after being knocked down. Obviously the Roberts family was devastated by their loss. They chose to have his organs donated in order to allow a part of Kellen to live on.

Connor Rabinowitz needed a heart. When he was a teenager, he suffered from a genetic heart condition that left his heart nearly useless. At 17-years-old, Connor received Kellen’s heart. Connor said that while it was the best day of his life, he knew that someone had to die in order to make it so. He had mixed feelings about receiving the heart. Then he met Erin Roberts, Kellen’s sister.

When they met, Erin was 26-years-old and Connor was 17-years-old. He said it was love at first sight. An instant chemistry was clear between them. The couple did not pursue anything due to their age difference. However years later the two were reunited and found that the chemistry was still there. The two are now a happy couple and feel that Kellen brought them together.

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  1. This is a story that makes me want to cry and I think the couples would see the best in the life happily ever after. So papers gear could also be able to have such stories of having the two of them in sight. It is such kindheartedness that make the difference indeed in the real life.

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