Smita Shah: Simple Rules of Success for Women

Smita Shah, a very influential woman in the global area, believes that more women can take on the male-dominated market. As an engineer and a very successful business executive, Smita Shah is educating women about what they can do to claim their roles. According to her, women need to discover their abilities and learn how to keep things in order in the office. The culture practiced for decades is still very influential among women, keeping them away from competitive positions in the market. Keep the following in mind if you want to be a successful woman entrepreneur.

Let everyone notice your presence. In business, everyone, regardless of their gender, has to understand how they can present themselves. A woman has to go the extra mile to impress the people in the world. Smita Shah believes in first impressions. When meeting clients and any other professional for the first time, your look should be in order. The impression you create the first time, according to Shah, will determine the kind of relationship you will build in the future. Some women in the corporate section love to show off their womanly side when at work. Keeping your look natural and very professional is very important, according to Shah. 

When you are in business, learn to adopt some of the traditional formal appearances. This is the only way to command respect from everyone. When you choose to wear womanly clothes, men in the office will be more interested in looking at you. Very few will listen to what you have to say and deliver. Your posture is critical too. Present yourself well if you want to command presence in the business section. 

Never allow others to take your credit; Smita Shah knows that women are born passive. Sometimes, however, it is important to speak up and get what belongs to you. It is very difficult to progress in the market if other people get the credit. The few women who are doing well have discovered the secrets of playing the business game just like men. The women who will prove to be assertive will take all the attention. The little achievements under your belt, according to Shah, can inspire many young women around the world. Whenever there is a chance to share any of your accomplishments, grab it very fast. If you cannot do it for yourself, then you can do it for many women who lack the opportunity. Do not let men take the credit for what belongs to you. Learn more:

Short-term goals are important: for many generations, the adage, staying at the moment, has motivated professionals. When you start worrying about the future or the past, you will lose the focus of the present. If you are not keen, this will lead to your failure.

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