Southridge LLC; Brief Information

This will give information around a company by the name of Southridge Capital LLC. The founder of this company is named Stephen M. Hicks. One thing the team is able to advise on is a majority of shared issues. One example is optimized balance sheet management. This company is located in Connecticut and is a financial solution one. Since the year 1996 this team of structured finance has made $1.8 billion in direct investment. This went into growth companies globally. The expertise they have is located in the ability they have to build a plan of finance for therefore their prospective client. Then after that they need to accomplish the plan without any disappointment. Also, this company gets a special comprehension regarding the worries they are faced by growing companies.

According to PR Newswire, this company has a total of three different services. One of them is called “Credit Enhancing”. This helps companies enhance the creditworthiness they have by working with their creditors in the elimination of debt in order to display their favor of common stock. There is also “Securitization” which examines solutions that are thought “outside the box”. For example, monetizing the existing asset base a company has. One more example, is the “Financing Solutions”. In this category Southridge Capital gives different resources to fiscal issues to portfolio companies. They have products like the Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) for example, This has companies move up their capital solely at their instruction. There are other procedures like convertible preferred stock, loans against common stock, and convertible debentures as well. Check out scribd for more.

Here is a brief description of what this company’s main task is. This banking firm has specialization in advising and funding companies of growth and small capitalization located in the public markets. Also, the clients always have the opportunity to get into a conversation with the CEO and founder Stephen Hicks. You can also receive an offer for an immediate fund, this can make the process direct and convenient at the same time. This company also focuses on two set apart features: Advisory and Structured Finance Services. Southridge has financed more than 250 public companies.

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