Steve Ritchie Makes Papa John’s A Healthier And More Diverse Company

Steve Ritchie has taken over Papa John’s as the CEO, and he is using diversity as a way to grow the company. There are a lot of people who would like to work with this company because of the diversity initiative that Steve started, and there are a few things listed below that show how he has made this company a healthier and nicer place to work. Plus, this is a good lesson for business managers around the world who want to know how to connect to their staff better.

How Did He Change The Face Of The Company?

Steve has chosen to start a commercial campaign that shows off how diverse the brand is. There are a lot of people who want to work with Papa John’s or even buy a franchise. They get to see people that look just like them when they are watching commercials from Papa John’s. The franchisees, employees, and managers are shown as integral parts of the company. Plus, these people are proven to be the heartbeat of the company. This makes Papa John’s a better place to work for people who want to start out.

The Company Still Make Great Pizza

Steve does not want to change the recipe or the customer experience. He knows that people want to have the same good pizza that they got from Papa John’s in the past, and the packaging all looks the same. The stores are the same, and they have nice people inside who offer the best customer experience. By doing this, Steve has allowed the company to give people the continuity of service that they deserve.

Talking About Management

Steve has been talking about how he handles business management, and he also wants people to know how they can grow heir companies the way he is growing Papa John’s. This also means that people will have a chance of making their companies more diverse and hiring more diverse people.

Spreading Around The Country

Steve wants to ensure that the company can grow more, open new locations, and reach more people. He believes that it is easier for people to have a good experience with Papa John’s if a location is closer to their house. His team has been working on finding nice places to put new restaurants so that everyone who is shopping with the company will get quick delivery. This also creates jobs that people need when they would like to get their first job, get into management, or even purchase a franchise.

Rising Through The Ranks

The beauty of what Steve Ritchie does is that he has been with Papa John’s for over 20 years. He has risen through the ranks while holding many positions within the company. When he started with the company, they were not a global brand like they are now. Plus, the company has grown around him. He knows all the ins and outs of the company, and tht makes it easy for him to manage the brand. He is a part of the family in a way that he wants more workers to become a part of the family, work with the company for a long time, and grow into management positions.


Steve Ritchie is working on a way to make Papa John’s a more welcoming and fun place to work. He also wants his company to grow in several markets where they can create more jobs and work with more people in the future. This is a great way for people to learn about business or even start their own business.

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