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There is a woman’s empowerment movement very loudly sweeping the country right now. It is a powerful thing to see an oppressed group demand the respect that they deserve and actually bring about positive change in our society. However, only a few can say they are actual leaders of this
movement. One woman who can say that is the one and only Smita Shah.

Smita Shah is among the most well known and well-respected entrepreneurs and engineers in the world. In 1998, Smita Shah founded her own company SPAAN Tech Inc. This surprised no one that knew her. She describes as a lifelong nerd who would be doing math problems while other kids her age were playing outside. SPAAN became one of the fastest-growing engineering companies in the world.

Smita Shah is clearly someone for everyone, especially women, to look up to as she leads the way at one of the country’s most lauded engineering firms. She has created the Smita Shah Female Empowerment Method to improve many things for women in the workplace with a sizable emphasis on self image. Shah’s empowerment method can essentially be broken down into ten steps that assist women in finding the success they are seeking. Learn more:

First, she talks about the importance of believing in yourself. She states that a strong self image should be a focus for female entrepreneurs. Regardless of how far you may be from your goal, Smita Shah reiterates that every
experience was worth it and every skill you have is worthy of respect.

Secondly, Shah educates about the signifance of throughly examining your ability. She states that one of the most difficult obstacles female entrepreneurs are forced to face is that growing up, females are conditioned to be passive which does not translate at all to the entrepreneurial world. It is important for women in this field to know their worth and abilities.

Thirdly, she talks about women exerting a strong presence. In the business world, very few things are as important as presentation. How women
present themselves when working as entrepreneurs is everything. First impressions and the ongoing maintenance and building of those relationships is hugely significant.

The fourth step discusses taking the proper credit for all of your accomplishments. Losing the spotlight to anyone who is simply more assertive is unacceptable.

The fifth step is about short term goals.

Sixth, Shah reminds women not to comply with feminine stereotypes.

The seventh point reiterates the importance of cultural factors and how they play into these situations.

The eighth step teaches to make others respect your position in the hierarchy.

Ninth is to keep your business and personal
lives separate.

The tenth step is about managing your time as efficiently as possible. Smita Shah believes these are the keys to women becoming the best entrepreneurs they can possibly be.

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