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The Strategy Used by Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is one of the best businessmen on the planet. He has built the OSI group into one of the biggest processors of meat. He has done this without the help of any formal business training. He is quite a genius when it comes to deciding which moves to make. There are many people who admire what Sheldon has done in his career. He has a very unique style of doing business. His strategy is not like that used by many other top CEOs. This makes it very hard for people to be able to predict what he will do next.

Sheldon Lavin likes to take a careful look at the data regarding all of the decisions that he needs to make. He will never make a rash decision. This is one of the reasons that he makes very few mistakes. He makes sure that he will examine all of the pros and cons for every decision that he is thinking about. Which one is in the best interests of the company? This is always the question that he asks himself. He will also consult with the people who work with him. He always wants to know their opinions.

Sheldon Lavin admits that he is not perfect. That is why he values his staff so much. They will often point out a key detail that Sheldon missed. It is because of this type of teamwork that the OSI Group has been able to stay successful for as long as it has. One of the things that all great companies have in common is the ability to hire bright and competent people. Sheldon will only surround himself with the best and the brightest. These people have helped him out many times when he has been in a tough situation.

Sheldon Lavin says that the strategy he employs when he is running the OSI Group is successful because he does not go by the book. He simply does what feels right in the moment. This is how he has always done it and he does not intend to change any time soon.

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