The Antique Wine Company Over 25 Years Of Excellence

The Antique Wine Company was established more than 25 years ago by its founder and current CEO Stephen Williams. From its humble beginnings, the firm as expanded from its headquarters in central London to two additional offices in Asia. The Antique Wine Company has the honor of supplying fine wine to individuals, restaurants, hotels, and the global wine markets.

The passion for antique wines the company has maintained, has established them as a world wide connoisseur, and has made their services highly sought after. This passion for wine has made The Antique Wine Company the perfect choice for high ranking individuals. The Antique Wine Company had the honor to supply the 70 year old wines for the 70th birthday of former president George H.W. Bush. The company has also handled the sale of a record $1 million dollar Chateu d’Yquem collection. The Antique Wine Company or AWS has also had the pleasure of supplying Paramount Pictures with the 1912 vintage wine they used to celebrate the Academy Awards the movie Titanic won. AWS through out the years has maintained a level of excellence that few can match, that is why it has become a global wine powerhouse.

According to CrunchBase, their offices in Asia set up to take over the new and emerging markets on the other side of the world. New millionaires and billionaires will need a company that has the experience and know how to provide the wines needed for their special events. AWS has taken a step into the future by incorporating technology into vintage wines. They have recently produced a mobile application for wines, and have begun to offer classes on wine through their new AWS Wine Academy. By focusing on the future AWS will ensure that the fine wines of the world will be readily available for your special event.

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