The Different Medias of Mexico and Salvi Rafael Folch, CFO of Grupo Televisa

     Mexico is growing as a strong, potent economy, and it has some of the highest growth rates about media companies compared to other countries more advanced than the one. However, some of the enterprises of Mexico related to financial management and equity, as well as related to media like publishers and film production corporations are growing as the national cultural aspect of Mexico is growing strong in the minds of the citizens.

In the media market of the nation, the biggest contributors to the capital of Mexico are some of the most classic, traditional, powerful and influential enterprises in the country, led by businesspeople equally strong and experienced in their respective departments.

In the television part of the national media, they have a solid competition between the now-passed-away Jacobo Zabludovsky’s news and journalism channel as well as those that came trying to replace his position as the king of this department. Among strong competitors, Joaquim Lopes is one of the most influential names in the Mexican television currently.

For one of the oldest forms of news, however, the magazines market is dominated by three famous names in the community: Nexos, which has some of the most reliable content, Gatopardo, which has suddenly risen in popularity, and Proceso, which has really good chunks of content every release.

The newspaper of the highest prevalence in the country of Mexico is El Universal and is also the national news channel that has the highest popularity on the web as well, being the primary choice for Mexicans to read and browse through the newest reports in their nation. However, the internet has strong competitors that are not linked to television or newspapers, like SinEmbargo.

Television has the strong participation of Grupo Televisa SAB, which has grown to a potent and influential channel for the past couple of years. The Chief Financial Officer & Director at Grupo Televisa SAB, which is responsible for its rapid growth, is Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero, a specialist in the media.

Salvi Rafael Folchis also the director of Innova S.

     Before entering the media department, he was working in the executive office of Comercio Mas, being specialized in finances.

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