The end citizen united: gearing towards election reforms.

Having been started in 2015, the End Citizens United organization has a primary goal of ensuring the overturn of the 2010 supreme court decision that did away with the limits on the spending by independent expenditure groups on specific candidates.

The End Citizens United is a political entity and receives its funding from various donors in the grassroots.

They are geared towards the reform of the financial system of the campaigns and ending the vast and undisclosed finances spent during election time.

End Citizens United believes that their mission can be achieved through electing and nominating candidates who are geared towards the reform of the system. For instance, in the last election system, they endorsed Hillary Clinton for the presidential seat.

Targeting the grassroots membership to show their political power on money in politics, the end citizens united have been able to collect a donation of over 4 million dollars for the first quarter of the year.

This had raised the average contribution to 12 dollars. This has been more so attributed to the donors who are keen on changing the rigged system. The group has an aim of reaching the 35 million dollar target before the 2018 congressional midterm elections commence. View the group’s profile on

The group is majorly focused on the reforms and are very disciplined. They don’t accept donations exceeding 5000 dollars from a single donor. Recently the End Citizens United endorsed candidates for the congressional seat.

The candidates have been dubbed reformers and are expected to represent the group and other people in general in the Congress. This will help rid of the corrosive effects and power of considerable finances in politics. The candidates included; David Shapiro, Carolyn long and doctor Kyle Horton.

The group is entirely dedicated to uplifting and overseeing financial campaign reforms in the legislature.

Beto O. Rourke, a member of the end citizen united was able to raise over 6 million dollars within the first three months of the year which was a record amount. He also was proud of the fact that he did not raise any amount from the PAC. This proved a great resilience towards the reform of the system.

In may 2018, the End Citizen united endorsed Betsy Londrigan against her competitor Rodney Davis. She noted that she was ready to put the people of Illinois first and get to serve them better. The group provided her with a 5000$ donation.

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