The First 3D Office Building Will Be Built In Dubai

There is no doubt that 3D printing technology is going to be the way of the future. Though the future may be here sooner than we think. In a recent article Design News that I read, went on to state that Dubai is going to be the home of the very first complete 3D printed building. Yes, there have been other 3D printed buildings, but none has been anything like what this building is going to be. This building is going to be built completely by using a 3D printer which includes interior, exterior, and even the furniture.

WinSun Global will be leading this project. The overall project will only take a few weeks instead of the normal time it would take to construct this type of building. A 3D printer about 20 feet tall will be brought into Dubai and placed in the city center. By building this 2,000 square foot building from a printer, will save both on labor costs and construction wastes. This building has been nicknamed the “The Museum of the Future” and rightfully so. This will be a building that many people only dreamed about being possible.

This building is part of the UAE’s attempt to separate themselves from just being known for their oil. Instead, they are striving to be known for their desire to lead the world in the technology, design, and architecture industries. H.E Excellency Mohammed Al Gergawi made the announced regarding the building and has stated that this is the beginning of many more things to come. He is hoping that the UAE will become an innovation hub for 3D and technology for the world.

His Excellency has already been awarded the key to Dubai for all of the projects that he has already completed to make the city better. Now, Gergawi is continuing in changing Dubai’s skyline with the creation of the 3D building. His hope is that not only will the world see the UAE has more to offer than just oil, but it will draw business from the Middle East as well. No matter what, this building is going to be a must see for all who travel to Dubai.