The Greyhound Diaries Provides A View Of Forgotten Lands And People In The USA

The Greyhound Diaries was a project undertaken by writer, musician and reporter, Doug Levitt. During the economic recession Doug Levitt decided to travel across the country and see what the effects of the recession were. He added one big catch however. Mr. Levitt would not travel by car. Instead, he would travel the country by a bus.


One of the reasons Doug Levitt decided to travel the country by bus was that it was the cheapest form of transportation. Second, Greyhound bus lines run through small towns and cities that are off the beaten path and that lack airport access. The third reason was that many people who struggle economically often have no choice but to take the bus in order to get around to work, visit family and travel in general.


Doug Levitt wanted to put himself in the shoes of the people that were struggling economically and who had not other real means of transportation beside the bus. Along his journey across America by the Greyhound bus lines, Doug recorded events he witnessed, people he spoke to and memorable sights that he had seen. Doug Levitt also took some photographs that he believed evoked emotion. This would later be compiled into what Doug Levitt called the Greyhound Diaries.


The Greyhound Diaries spans almost a decade or ten years of travel by bus across the United States. It features deep insights into the lives, the struggles as well as the optimism of people who take the bus and that live in small towns that are often simply bypassed by the majority of people. One of the biggest takeaways that Mr. Levitt has taken while completing the project was that we are all much more similar than we are different. Traveling by bus and sharing space with fellow riders convinced Doug that class, race, gender, religion and all other differences are minuscule compared to the values and hopes that we all aspire to.


Doug Levitt has also created a music album based on the Greyhound Diaries writings. He sometimes travels and performs across cities and towns with his powerful lyrics inspired by his travels. The Greyhound Diaries book can be bought online at Amazon and at various used bookstores in the country.

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