The Highlights For The Highland Capital Management

The highland capital management company that was founded by the great James Dondero has recently filed the 13F which is a quarterly annaby. This quarterly file is dated 03/02/2016. This kind of filing is one that has a revelation of the value of the hedge funds portfolio in terms of the value that is $3.42 billion. This kind of figure clearly represents a decrease in $1.49 billion. This past quarter saw the hedge fund have a figure that was four point nine one billion dollars which shows that this quarter has a decrease in the figures that have been presented. It is important to note that the kind of filings are the ones that represent more than twenty two percent of the assets that belong to the highland capital management LP that are now listed with the united states government.

Basing on the assets that is under the management of the hedge fund management that is close to fifteen billion dollars has an exposure in terms of equity that has a close representation of about 22.37 percent of all the assets. Please not also that as far as we are analyzing we can never know the exact figures that represent the exact exposure as well as the net exposure and net shorts of the Highland capital management.

Funds New Purchases

The Highland management capital that was founded by the great James Dondero in this past quarter has newer positions that are not limited or close to an inclusion SpDr S&P 500 ETF for more than sixty seven billion dollars in management. The amazon incorporation has more than twenty three billion dollars that are being managed on their behalf. The eagles pharmacy incorporation has as well more than seventeen billion dollars that are being managed on their behalf for them as a result. The Del Danaher Corporation is one the companies that has also seventeen billion dollars that are being managed on their behalf by James Dondero hedge fund management company as well as the intracellular therapies that had more than fifteen billion dollars in management under the hedge fund management company. Watch Jim and his team ringing the NYSE Closing Bell below.

The above mentioned are the companies that had the highest representation in the management theories. The hedge fund as well decided to buy a total of sixty nine new stocks. The tiop new buys include the Spdr S&P with more that 1.96%.

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