The Impressive Resume of Eric Pulier

There is a multitude of big names in technology that have become household names over the years. Even people that are not totally familiar with how operating systems work will know about Bill Gates because he is the father of the most well-known operating system. Microsoft is a brand that people have just come to know because the Windows OS is everywhere. There is also Steve Jobs. He founded Apple and saw the company rise and fall and rise again before he passed. This is another household name that people that are outside of the technology realm are still familiar with. I would like to submit another name that people should come to know over time, and this name if Eric Pulier.

He has quite an impressive resume even though he has only been someone that has come to light in recent years. He was once the CEO of SOA software. He would move up the corporate ladder in time and transition to another company that he started. This company, ServiceMesh, has become the company that has created a powerful cloud platform that is the only enterprise solution for cloud management. The cloud has become so big that is going to be difficult to overlook the great contributions that Pulier brings to the table. Through his work with ServiceMesh he has been able to create a company that is widely known for bringing about concepts like automated IT models and hybrid cloud environments. There are also things like self service portals that are created through the ServiceMesh organization. This company has become a leader in the cloud management concept for government, automotive services and industrial enterprises. This has made it easy for Eric Pulier to grow in confidence about his ability to bring new innovation into the picture. He has also been able to build a very important company that has become valued enough to be purchased by a larger corporation.

CSC is an organization that has managed to acquire ServiceMesh because it provides such powerful diversified cloud solutions. ServiceMesh is based in Santa Monica, and it provides financial and healthcare industries with cloud environments that can extend beyond many different platforms. ServiceMesh continues to be an exciting name in the industry, and Eric Pulier is responsible for all of this.

Pulier has proven himself to be an innovator when a lot of other people in the business world were becoming stagnant. This has made him a very important entity in the technology sector. I personally have the desire to see how he will enhance his resume as he moves further into the technology realm with new cloud technology. His mindset to transform technology may make his a household name.