The Support Of George Soros To The Non-Profit Organizations

George Soros put himself on the map of the world through the significant role he has played in the scene of philanthropists. The concept that he put into practice was meant to create transformation in the community and create avenues for the human rights and democracy in the society. Most of the agendas run by the organization called Open Society Foundation are under his care. He is the person behind all the operation in the agency. Soros made a considerable donation to the body worth $18 billion. It was termed as the massive contribution ever made by any team in the private segment.

Open Society Foundation is the top foundation fighting for the equality in the community in the United States. The organization has managed to open various auxiliary braches on other parts of the world. The body has played its role in the field for not less than 30 years. Several accomplishments have recorded through its mission. The level of its services has been registered in more than 120 states across the globe. The agenda of the organization in boosting level of democracy and equality has come with many challenges. One of the primary challenges is the resistance from opposing institution. The excellent leadership and foundation set by Soros have helped the body handled all the problem successfully. Open Society Foundation earned praises by from humanitarian organizations after supporting the third world nation which had the cases of Ebola. The agency boosted the operations of health facilities through provision of the required services and via the financial aid. The other development scheme that Open Society Foundation formed part of the team steering it was the Roma art and culture. The core reason for supporting was to promote the progress of improvement in the region. The approximate amount that Soros has invested in the Open Society Foundation ever since its inception is around $800 to $900 million within a single year. 2017 was the termed to be the period that he made substantial donation worth$18 billion.

The factor that has contributed to the success of the Open Society Foundation is the excellent team of leaders running its operation. George Soros has been the primary person who delegates responsibilities and checking all corners of the management. He has placed in the system of the institution a perfect link that has enabled the smooth flow of communication. The step has led to the excellent coordination of services particular entailing the programs of the organization. The management of the Open Society Foundation has also stretched its limits in providing scholarship to some of the university students in the United States. He supports a lot of the students in the Republic of South Africa in the year 1979. The reason for doing so was to rescue them from the incidents of the apartheid. Soros has also funded the visit of Communist Hungary by a team of diplomats to enhance good relations with the West. The effort he has placed in the transformation sector has gained right support from many nations including the United States. Soros together with his team also fought against racism and LGBTI.

George Soros has made core contribution in fostering democracy and human rights in the society.

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