To Serve and Protect

Keith Mann of New York City, founder of Dynamic Search Partners, and his wife are stepping forward to lend support and boost moral to the New York City Police Department by sending lunch in early January and again in February to the 54th precinct after negative publicity and protests surrounding the police force. Mr. Mann feels a connection with the NYPD because he has an uncle who is a detective in Staten Island. He knows the hardships and sacrifices that officers make on a daily basis. This is part of the job when you sign up to be a police officer.

Keith Mann decided that publicly thanking the police department would boost moral and increase public awareness of how important a job they do. It would also encourage them and let them know that many people trust and depend on them for their service. He wanted to relay the message that not everyone distrusts them. Because of the increase in crime, he feels that policemen are more at risk than ever before. With a growing number of civilians protesting and angry with police procedures he felt it was important to send another message. He wanted to send the message that a policeman’s job is of the utmost importance and without them, we would have chaos and be crime ridden.

Being a high profile businessman in New York City helped him get his message across. People rely on leaders and Keith Mann is a leader. He supports the NYPD and the gesture and message he sent was clear. NYPD, you are appreciated and trusted. Thanks for all you do.

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