Tom Rothman Becomes TriStar Productions Newest Captain

After 18 years of dedication as the high-profile executive at the top of Fox Films, Tom Rothman has been named Chairman of a new joint venture with Sony under the TriStar banner. As Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment, Tom Rothman’s love and passion for movies has been evident. With popular Fox Films productions such as X-Men and Ice Age, cranking out top hits has become his forte’. After the movie studio had seen its most profitable decade, especially after the top grossing movie of all time Titanic, Tom Rothman is ready to spread his wings and take on a new adventure. Starting his career in law school, as a young attorney he spent his spare time securing funds for independent directors. As the years progressed, he became known for mastery over a specific Hollywood principle: “The fault line that has always riven the movie business, from when the first reel cranked, is the push and pull between the creative and the commercial,” he says. “And that ‘San Andreas Fault’ runs right through the middle of my office.”

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Rothman graduated from University in 1976 with honors in English and American Literature. He then graduated from Columbia Law School in 1980 with the school’s highest academic honor. In December 2013, President Obama nominated Rothman to serve on the 18-member National Council on the Arts. HIs dedication to pursuing education and an exemplary dedication to the film industry gives his reputation high merit.  

While comedies such as This is the End and Grown Ups 2 have done remarkably well, TriStar Productions is eagerly awaiting Tom Rothmans expertise and style. There is no doubt that Rothman will be able to apply his magic and talent to help revive TriStar Productions.

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