Top Most Common Orthopedic Surgery Procedures Done By Greg Finch

Orthopedic procedures are done on people who experience muscle and skeleton issues in their bodies. Orthopedic procedures are categorized as surgical or non-surgical procedures. However, some orthopedic surgeons prefer to use non-surgical procedures for treatment purposes.

Here are examples of the most common orthopedic procedures performed by orthopedic surgeons like Greg Finch:

Spine surgery

Spine surgery is performed in order to improve the lives of individuals by lessening their back pains. Increased back pains tend to hinder a person from effectively carrying out their day to day activities. Spine Surgery should only be recommended if non-surgical procedures like medicines and physiotherapy do not offer patients relief. The most preferred spine surgery procedure by orthopedic surgeons is the Spinal Fusion which allows them join the vertebrae (spinal bones) together.

Total Joint Replacement

The procedure is done on patients suffering and ailing from severe arthritis. Before Total Joint Replacement takes place, orthopedic surgeons are required to assess the joint areas that are damaged in the body. The procedure involves replacing the damaged parts of the joint with either plastic or metal surfaces. The surfaces are shaped naturally to assist in normalizing the joint functionality and knee movement restoration.

Total Shoulder Replacement

This procedure aims at making patients feel better by reducing the pain on a patient’s joint. Total Shoulder Replacement is painful process but, after a while it offers patients relief and helps them feel better. The procedure involves replacement of cartilages and damaged bone parts with metal or plastic implants.

About Greg Finch

Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon who hails from Australia. Greg has a wide range of experience in the orthopedic procedures but his main field is spinal fusion, spine surgery and trauma. For a span of two years, Greg Finch worked with spine specialists across the world in the UK, Germany and USA.

In 1991, Mr.Finch graduated from Auckland Medical School before progressing to Royal College Surgeons based in Melbourne.


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