Trabuco’s successful career running the Banco Bradesco SA Company.

Trabuco’s successful career running the Banco Bradesco SA Company.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has a degree and diploma before joining to work for the Bradesco company. He had completed his high school education at a younger age than his peers. Both of the educational certificates were acquired from the University of São Paulo. The company hailed from South America and was started by Amador Aguiar in the same locality as Mr. Trabuco previous university. Mr. Trabuco Bradesco is president of the company leaving as at the age of 91 years. Read more about Trabuco Bradesco at

The company had less number of executives changed over the years. It meant that holding an executive office made one proud to hold such a prestigious position. Mr. Trabuco moved from his chief executive position to fill in space for the previous president who had health reasons for his resigning. Mr. Trabuco has served the Banco Bradesco SA for more four decades. At some time Mr. Trabuco was leading the insurance section of the financial institution which was mandated with the obligation to ensure the company’s growth was positive targeting the quarter of insurance Brazil market. He surpassed this and delivered a whopping thirty-five percent of the company’s financial net income.


Mr. Luiz Trabuco rose the corporate ladder when he showed his utmost dedication to the companies interest and promoted to the director of marketing position. Luiz Trabuco Bradesco contributed to the making of the idea of segmentation and targeting of its customers famous in Brazil. This idea was later employed by other companies in Brazil since it aimed at increasing a company’s profits and customer satisfaction immensely.

Luiz Trabuco Bradesco held various positions with some companies and associations among them being the president of Grupo Segurador, the member of the deliberate council for the FEBRAN. He has acted as the company’s head for almost a decade to this year, 2018 where the company has made arrangements for his replacement.

Luiz Trabuco Bradesco has been admired by many since he moved from just a bank teller for a company to become its president. He remains to be among the most highly paid head of companies in Brazil. Learn more about Trabuco Bradesco at Crunchbase.

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