Video Changes The Way Companies Do Business

The world of marketing is rapidly evolving. As a result, more and more companies’ are adding videos to their email marketing campaigns. Thankfully, Talk Fusion has made this process extremely easy.

Lacy Rushin published an article recently on Hello Tesla. In her article, she mentions some amazing statistics that showcase just how valuable embedded video can be for marketing campaigns. She quotes a study that mentions a 40 percent increase in email marketing revenue. The driving force behind that increase was embedded video content.

This is why companies like Talk Fusion are becoming such a huge success. According to Lacy Rushin’s article, Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 due to a unique situation its CEO, Bob Reina, was faced with. He wanted to embed a short video in an email to his friends. However, America Online told him that it was not possible. As a result, Mr. Reina and a friend decided to develop a way to do just that and Talk Fusion was born.

Talk Fusion offers a wide variety of services for their clients. Some of their popular products include video email and live video conferencing. They have even developed a way for businesses to add video to newsletters. Their solutions allow companies to deliver custom content to a wide variety of audiences.

Some of their products even function as a method for companies to reduce cost. Their live video conferencing is extremely popular with companies that are looking for ways to reduce travel expenses. The flexibility of live video conferencing also allows meetings to be scheduled much more effectively.

Video communication is rapidly changing the way companies do business. Thankfully, Talk Fusion offers their clients numerous ways to deliver custom content. In a world of rapidly evolving business trends, Talk Fusion is here to stay.

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