Vijay Eswaran, an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Author

Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian businessman, currently serves as the Executive Chairman of QI Group. QI Group is in the direct sales business based in Hong Kong. The company sells a variety of products such as personal care, home care, fashion accessories and luxury goods.

He has a degree in socio-economics from London School of Economics and a degree in MBA from Southern Illins University. Before his degree in MBA, he worked various odd jobs from plucking grapes in France to driving a cab in London. After his MBA, he started working on higher up jobs and worked with various big name companies such as IBM.

QI Group is something that has humble starting has now become a presence in 30 different countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, Canada etc.

Along with being an Executive Chairman, Vijay Eswaran is also a speaker, author and philanthropist. He has spoken in various gatherings such as sixth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas and the World Economic Forum. He has written four books on the topic of life management. The book names are In the Sphere of Silence, In the Thinking Zone, Stepping Stone, and In the Wings of Thought. As a Philanthropist, he started Vijayaratnam Foundation. He is also an active mentor to others and is very generous with individual charities. Forbes even named him one of 48 “Heros of Philanthropy”.

He was named 25th in Forbes Asia’s list of 50 Richest men in Malaysia. He also received a New Global Indian award and Lifetime Achievement Award for Regional Philanthropy.

He continues his hard work in QI Group and his philanthropy acts.

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