Wen By Chaz: The Seven Day Difference

When it comes to our hair, people are very specific about what they do to their flowing mane of luscious locks. Recently, Emily McClure did a brave thing. She tried a new hair care product. Wen by Chaz Dean [http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html]. This was going to be a 7 day step into the unknown for her precious hair. Her hair being a bit on the flatter, thinner side of things was the catalyst for the whole experiment.
Here’s what she told Bustle.

Day 1
This is the day that the Sephora Fig Cleansing Conditioner would be tested. After massaging it into her scalp and running it through the length of her hair, she let it set for 3 minutes or so. The result? Immediately thicker feeling hair with not a single strand in the drain!

Day 2
The product still works great, albeit having to use copious amounts to do the trick. By the end of day two it felt a bit heavy and oily however.

Day 3
On the third morning, her hair didn’t feel as greasy and at the end of the third day she was impressed overall.

Day 7
By the end of the experiment McClure summarized WEN as a great thing for someone with a thinner hair type like hers. She stated it looked fabulous, post-shower.

If you’ve watched any television lately, your familiar with the infomercials and commercials for WEN by Chaz Dean. The miracle in a bottle that all of the shiny people are using in the demonstrations. The company actually goes out of it’s way to provide the customers with the very highest in quality. The essential oils and protein compounds are designed to make you shine like the stars on TV. For the full scoop, click the link. To purchase online, visit Ebay.com.