When Healthcare Serves People

Nobilis Health Corp’s “strategy of coupling innovative direct-to-patient marketing with physician-centric services” (CEO Chris Lloyd) is changing the way healthcare is provided. Healthcare services, emergency services, physicians, surgeons, and insurance are managed to actually benefit patients and physicians, who become more empowered the stronger the company grows. Creative business solutions have been gaining momentum over the past decade through organic growth, making full-service healthcare development and management companies proven and reliable. Nobilis Health business strategies create a structure that intrinsically benefits patient, physician, hospital, and insurance by reducing costs and increasing efficiency and profit on all counts. With Nobilis taking the wheel to drive for example Ambulatory Surgery Centers through purchasing majority shares of these ASCs, hospitals are free to provide the best, most efficient care in their facilities, while emergency services are streamlined in and out.

Paramount to the company, Nobilis manages over 100 surgical centers in the United States and offers a power staff of surgeons. Physician services are the heart of Nobilis Health’s function. Nobilis Health creates partnerships with physicians, and manages staff at hospitals, so that team production is streamlined. As a publicly traded company, Nobilis Health Corp. and the company’s profits and strategies directly benefit partner physicians. While nurses and doctors are providing patients their expert care, Nobilis manages compliance to state and CMS standards to curb healthcare center caused infections. The company also manages finances, operations, licensing, strategic planning, and legal aspects, freeing physicians to do their jobs.

By educating patients directly through integrated marketing strategies, Nobilis Health provides information on minimally invasive and outpatient treatments that keeps patients informed of all possible options. More patients are choosing these options, thereby reducing their costs and their insurance payers costs. As Nobilis directs the negotiation with insurance companies, patients can really make the company work for them and their health. The system staffs a physician to a patient from start to finish, attempting to ensure a bond of reliability and a free-flowing dialogue about all procedures, treatment, and expectations. Because of Nobilis marketing, patients are informed and it is presumed they can have more productive discussions on treatment options with their physicians.

Companies like Nobilis Health may be providing the structure this country needs to support lower costs of treatment to patients and insurance payers. With physicians and patients benefitting the most from their services, it is easy to imagine that Nobilis will continue to grow in revenue, and expand its range of management. Through public trading, Nobilis also offers anyone the power to buy its shares and even gain stake in its future. The company certainly has set up a strong angle for public appeal by strategizing in this way to give power back to the people it declares to serve.