When Your Place Needs Cleaning Or Repair Get Handy!

Why try to do all the cleaning and perform repairs on your home when it is so easy to get an expert from Handy. Handy is the online service that connects you with house cleaning and handyman repair professionals. Handy worker members charge between $15 to $22 per hour. Most cleaning workers charge about $18 per hour, depending on their overall experience and rating. So, the wages are good and the service is even better than that.

It works well as a second job for many Handy members, with the ability to set the exact days and hours during the day they are available. The service has been augmented recently with a new smartphone app that brings the jobs in more efficiently and has helped Handy advance to a new level of performance. Launched just two years ago, Handy has already grown to a revenue level of $1,000,000 per week; $52 million per year.

Of the 200K candidates who applied to be accepted into the rolls at Handy, about 5,000 have been fully vetted through a 2-level background check process and are regularly available to work. This amazing house cleaning and repair service is available in 3 different countries: the US, Canada, and England. So far the average percentage of total service orders for cleaning is 85%, and 15% for plumbing work and other repairs.

The biggest factor in this skyrocketing growth may well be the new branding effort coupled with the sophisticated smartphone app, which has enabled a completely mobile model for workers and clients of Handy. So, for any type of standard cleaning in your house, condo, or apartment, get Handy. Need a garage, shed, or any other room cleaned out and up, and windows cleaned, get Handy. However, if you need some light electrical, plumbing, or carpentry work, you can also rely on Handy for those needs too.