Who is Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a very successful business man who has raised millions of dollars in business ventures. His long list of accomplishments includes things such as entrepreneur, technologist, published author, public speaker, and much more. Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, and Akana are just some of the business ventures Eric Pulier has been successful in over the course of his career. Not only is Eric Pulier hugely successful he has also partnered with many charitable organizations. Mr. Pulier also believes in investing in startup companies in media and technology. Being successful has not taken away from Mr. Pulier’s personal life though. He is an active father to four children and currently lives in the Los Angeles area. He states that it can be hard to get a full night’s rest with each of his children, but it is something that he finds necessary to be successful. A new venture that Eric Pulier has started is called vAtomic Systems. The whole point of vAtomic Systems is to bring digital goods out of games. This would include digital good trading, and proven game mechanics. With this new venture Eric Pulier hopes to revolutionize the way gaming technology is used. Mr. Pulier believes the only way to be successful is to bring ideas to life. He states that you never know what an idea will lead to, and that is why it is so important to try each and every one. Eric Pulier is a successful business and family man who will continue to offer more to the business community.

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