Whole Town Learns Sign Language For Hearing Impaired Man

A man with a hearing impairment got the shock of his lifetime when the entire town where he lives went behind his back and learned sign language. It took the citizens of the town near Istanbul, Turkey almost a month to learn the different signs and be able to have a way to interact with the man named Muharrem.
According to an article found on reddit and written by Fox8.com, there was a film crew that showed up on December 28, 1014 that followed Muharrem around to capture his reaction of everyone he ran into suddenly knowing sign language. What actually happened is his sister got together with a film crew and production staff that was a part of a Samsung ad campaign to promote servicing people with a hearing impairment.
As Muharrem walked around the village, he noticed that people were wishing him “good morning” in sign language, and even staged a few incidents that would cause him to interact with all the other people. A man at the marketplace dropped fruit everywhere and then told him in sign language that he wanted to offer him an apple. Muharrem was obviously confused how the person even knew that he was deaf, and his sister pretended to be surprised too and asked if he knew the man.
At the end of the film, the man’s sister led him to a park with a television ad screen at a park and a message that Samsung is happy to serve the hearing impaired stated brasil247.

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