With Commitment and Expertise, Dr. Jennifer Walden Guarantees Satisfaction After A Plastic Surgery Procedure

Plastic surgery can be used to correct a number of situations affecting a person. Dr. Jennifer Walden offers some insights to this matter.

The Procedures

When going about daily chores and works, a person is bound to be exposed to the sun and get bouts of stress. Over the years, these two works against the face by creating wrinkles that, in turn, age a person. However, plastic surgery can come in handy to correct the situation through a simple procedure called facelift, otherwise known as, rhytidectomies. The procedure corrects sagging of the mid-face, lower cheek and fatty areas, and creases under the eyes and between the mouth and the nose. Facelift involves removal of excess skin and fats and tightening the muscles. The results give a person a much younger look. Another plastic surgery procedure of the face is Rhinoplasty, which involves reshaping, increasing, or reducing the nose. The procedure involves changing how the nose lies to the mouth, removing a hump or reducing the width. When Rhinoplasty is done together with septoplasty and sinus removal, it can correct breathing problems caused by a deviated septum. Dr. Jennifer Walden uses Vectra, a high-end three-dimensional technology in performing this procedure.

Dr. Jennifer Walden in brief

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a reputable plastic surgeon with special expertise in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, such as facelifts, rhinoplasties, breast augmentations, and eyelid lifts. She combines commitment with excellent customer care to give her patients top-notch patient care using the most modern technology.

Dr. Jennifer Walden obtained her degree in biology from the University of Texas and did her residency at the globally known University of Texas Medical Branch. She then moved to the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for her fellowship in aesthetic surgery. Jennifer then opened her medical facility in Westlake Hills Austin, Texas and an office in Marble Falls, Texas.


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