Young Man Shocked When Community Rallies For Him


Amsterdam, New York resident 21-year-old Stephen Madelon has been down on his luck lately. He is the father of a 2-month-old baby girl, has no car, and has had trouble finding a job lately. He and his fiancee have been sleeping on the floor at their home because they do not have a mattress. However, none of that stopped Stephen from helping others in his community.

After a snowstorm struck his town Stephen felt compelled to get out and help others. He spent his day shoveling driveways and walkways for those who needed the help- and all at no charge except the occasional cup of coffee. Well, now, according to the story on the community wanted to give back to him.

Since others have heard of his story he has been given a new bed for his family, a kitchen table, home items, and even cupcakes reported Stephen has also had offers from others offering help to get him a car and even those looking to hire him says Fersen Lambranho.

Stephen says that when he got up that morning he just wanted to help those in need. Well, for Stephen karma has come back around for him.

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  1. His great deed has brought a considerable measure of inspiration into his family’s lives. Also, others have effectively joined to volunteer to enable Stephen to scoop after the following tempest. It is also very important that what is written here at can make them to be able to consider these things and still not be able to reach out to what they best and it makes enough sense.

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