Defining The Political Arena Using Law

Defining The Political Arena Using Law

The political atmosphere of a country controls everything that the country engages in since it is directly related to the direction of a country. A state that suffers exploitation by political leaders is controlled by their greedy nature and lacks development. The power that is manipulated by the leaders is found in the constitution of different countries. Different countries and states have different constitutions. Many nations have suffered under the leadership of people who manipulate the constitutional power given to them for personal gain. These leaders make the lives of citizens miserable. It mostly happens in Africa.  Related Articles here.

Based on, Sujit Choudhry is a constitutional lawmaker. He has researched and has been used in the development and rectifying of some of the constitutions employed in various countries. His authority in constitutional law is acknowledged by some of the international bodies that are used to enforce social development including World Bank and United Nations. He is a professor in various Law Schools where he has used his knowledge as an asset to develop other Constitutional lawyers. His extraordinary career journey is founded under excellent academic qualification. He has a Masters and Doctorate in Law.  Interesting News here

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Sujit Choudhry has sat on different boards that were used to create different constitutions. This includes the one employed in Texas. Choudhry has also been among the creators of constitutions of nations such as Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Sri Lanka. Sujit Choudhry is the founder of the Centre for Constitutional Transitions. This is a platform where he engages with different stakeholders to come up with various strategies to see and encourage the development of different countries. Sujit Choudhry is an author of the numerous articles revolving around Constitutional Law. He has edited numerous publications. Sujit has used his knowledge in Constitutional Law to develop their content. He has written several books throughout his life. His contribution in the field of Constitutional Law is immense. It has transformed nations. His contacts are found on his social media accounts and his website. Sujit Choudhry is a role model to very many individuals in the society.  More on

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UNIDROIT helps the World to make Sense of Nations Laws

Laws are extremely important to the world. They help to keep order within a nation and they also inform foreign powers about how they should interact with a sovereign state. There are well 196 different countries on the Earth today and each of them have their own set of laws and regulations. Trying to understand these laws is very challenging.


One way that governments make sense of these many different laws is by using an organization that specializes in comparative law services. The name of the international organization that provides this type of service is UNIDROIT.

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UNDROIT stands for the intergovernmental organization on harmonization of private international law. This organization is headquartered within Rome, Italy and it was started in 1926 as a small arm of the former League of Nations.


Based on, the purpose of the organization is to help nations to make sense of the many different laws that are in operation around the world. Many of the leading nations on the globe are members of this organization. This includes Canada, China, Japan and Australia.


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They often have international conventions where they draft model laws and provide information about various laws related to commerce, military conduct and international travel.


Many people who are involved within the legal field understand the importance of UNIDROIT. One such person is Sujit Choudhry. He is a leading law professor at the University of Berkley. Sujit Choudhry specializes in constitutional comparative law.  Check on


Sujit understands the legal field and has been working hard for years in this area. He realizes that constitutions and governing laws of a land is very complicated. This is especially true for various countries that have a uniquely different legal structure than countries in the west.


Keep in mind that many western countries even have a legal matrix that is uniquely different from one another.  Sujit Choudhry realizes that these differences are very profound and even confusing. Just because certain countries have some things in common; this does not mean that their legal structures will be exactly the same.


UNIDROIT helps governments of the world to make sense of the differing legal arrangement that has been set up by each country. International businesses, military forces, industries, travel organizations and energy corporations all over the world.

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All of these organizations and many more must have a solid knowledge about how to conduct business and to perform their operations within overseas territories. They also must have this knowledge to adjust their legal perspective to accommodate other nations as well. Without the services of UNIDROIT, the legal complexities that are involved within international business will be much more complex and challenging.  Continue reading on



Sawyer Howitt Life

Sawyer Howitt has had a great life in the world of business. Over the years, he has proven to understand what it takes to drive value in a number of areas. With that being said, he is also looking to invest for the future in his community. He believes that people should always look to help others in the area in which they work.

Sawyer Howitt has always wanted to make a positive impact on the world. There are many people who are excited about his company growth over the years. Sawyer Howitt is a great business owner, and he has success because he understands the needs of his customers. Over time, this has proven to be a winning formula, and he is excited about the growth plans that he has for the future. Not only that, but he is looking forward to helping other business owners as well.

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Comparative Law with Sujit Choudhry

Trying to mention comparative law without Sujit’s name not coming up is difficult because he is the most renowned individual who has researched wide about this topic. But what is comparative law generally putting aside Sujit’s work? Comparative law is by definition the study of foreign law; a comparison between different legal systems is done. Aspects like tax policies, human rights, labor policies and taxation aspects are studied and compared, and through it one gains insight and broad knowledge on how to improve various things. With the current global interconnection of different nations, comparative law helps people understand the foreign legal policies and, thus, make better decisions when conducting businesses or even importing or exporting human labor.  Based on


The knowledge of comparative law is, thus, a very useful tool of unifying nations or even regions. It also enhances better trade relationships and is a channel through which human rights are upheld. Each country that is involved in this study is able to perfect or improve their legal system by borrowing the right and useful ideas from other democracies while discarding the wrong policies.


Sujit’s View

The Michael Heyman Professor of Law and former Dean of Berkeley law in his research addresses the constitutional design as a tool to address violent democracies to transition them into peaceful democracies. He also discusses the constitutional context when changing from an authoritarian type of governance to a democratic rule. Sujit Choudhry’s works address the methodology of applying comparative constitution law to solve existing conflicts and enhance democracy. He has published a lot of articles and books, which can even be found on Amazon for those who would like to understand comparative law more broadly. Sujit has worked as a foreign constitutional expert to aid peaceful transitions in countries like Tunisia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Libya among others. In Canada, he played a big role in implementing major reforms to the municipal government of Toronto.


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Sujit Choudhry holds law degrees from Harvard University, Oxford University, and University of Toronto. He has practiced his law career when he worked as a clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer during his service in the Supreme Court of Canada. He further practiced law as a consultant to the World Bank institute as a law professor at Michael Hayman and finally as a Dean .He is also known as the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transition, which is a unique university based center that offers a platform for mobilizing knowledge in support of constitution building.   Check and Read more here.



A few unknown facts on Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a New York based lawyer, entrepreneur and leader in business. He has been an investor for a number of years now and has created quite an influence in the business circles. The many people that know Sam do not understand the process and the journey that it has taken the man to get where he is. Below are some interesting things you may not know about Sam.

Art Station says that Sam Tabar is a native of Montreal, Quebec Canada. He started elementary school there and completed his high school education there. After performing exceptionally well in his high school, he got a chance to study at the University of Oxford.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar graduated cum laude from the university and then proceeded to the University of Columbia’s law school. In 2001, he was admitted to the bar as an attorney at law. He was very active in writing and editing while at the University as he contributed to The Columbia Business Law Review.

His first Legal job was with the Skadden, Arps, Meagher and Flom LLP. He was to take care of the hedge fund clients and come up with strategies to help them make better investments. Sam Tabar worked for the firm for three years before he decided to move on.

What was shocking about his decision to move on was the fact that he decided to switch gears completely and get into the world of finance. He approached the Sparx group and started his career as a rookie, then, he worked his way up to a managerial position.

At the time, he was the manager of a hedge fund that had grown to the amount of 2 billion dollars. Before he left the company, he had helped them raise over 1.2 billion dollars.

The next destination for Sam was the Bank of America. He was appointed to the post of Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the entire Asian and Pacific region.

After rolling in the world of high finance, he decided it was time to rejoin the legal profession in 2013. He was invited to the position of senior associate at the Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, where he managed hedge fund clients.

Sam is also a philanthropist who supports initiatives such as the Thix Company, which provides sanitary products for women in the third world.

Brown Modeling Agency: Taking Local Talent To A National Level

Justin Brown got his start working as a model to pay his way through college. After graduating with a degree in business, Mr. Brown realized he liked the other side of the modeling business: finding talents and scouting jobs. Using the skills that he acquired from multiples agencies, Justin started the Brown Agency, located in Austin, Texas.

Mr. Brown settled in Austin, because he liked the eclectic, yet hometown feel of the city. Justin started his business in 2008, and became licensed by the Wilhelmina agency in 2010. This move gave the Brown Agency more resources for local talent to move into national campaigns.

It has taken some time to match the vibrant, eclectic vibe of the city, but Mr. Brown now has an agency that oversees the talent for over 450 clients. Recently, the Brown Agency has obtained Heyman Talent South and with it the local manager, Michael Bonnee. Now the Brown Agency is one of the few top talent agencies in Austin.

Mr. Brown and the Brown Agency have worked hard to be a local agency with a national feel, reputation, and look.