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Brian Bonar Maintains an Impressive Career

Brian Bonar is an extremely busy person. He holds high level management positions at several companies. Bonar holds various executive positions at Trucept, Inc. and is President and CEO of Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc. Other companies he maintains managerial positions include Dalrada Financial Corporation, Allegiant Professional Business Services, and the Amanda Co.

Bonar’s past work experience is just as impressive. In addition, in his spare time, he procured a restaurant in San Diego county, gave the establishment a makeover, and turned it into a successful dining venue. Brian Bonar definitely has been very active in developing his skills. He holds a doctorate degree from a prestigious educational institution in Staffordshire, England in Staffordshire University.

Professional experience also contributed to Bonar developing amazing skills. Bonar once worked for IBM. Surely, a tenure with the corporate computer giant assisted his ability to understand effective management principles. IBM is only one company Bonar was affiliated with during the early stages of his career. A complete biography of his background reveals an impressive and tremendous work history.

In his current role running Trucept, Bonar allows his company to help other companies. In essence, this is the purpose behind the mission of Trucept, a company that assists the human resources departments of various businesses with a host of duties.

Managing a company is one thing. Being able to manage a company with a high level of competence and skills is a whole different matter. Bonar has a lengthy career that proves his abilities to manage companies properly. A prestigious industry award was once bestowed to him for his work at Dalrada. Being given an award by a third-party entity means a lot. It shows others are taking notice of a manager’s solid skills.

Brian Bonar absolutely is a very skilled and accomplished professional. He is sure to continue his lengthy successful career streak over the coming years.