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Maarten de Jeu Offers Helpful Insight on International Business for All

Maarten de Jeu is what many business owners would consider one of the most dynamic business advisers of our time. His expertise lies within international business, and he is well-known within the marketplace when it comes to international business. His business acumen is clear when it
comes to commercial real estate, as well as finance. What is it that separates Maarten de Jeu from the rest?

Education played an important role in life for Maarten de Jeu. He attended the University of Oxford, and it was there that he ranked as first in his class. He has paired his business skills with learning several languages, and various skills within the area of finance. One of the reasons he has been
able to work with others regardless of where he goes, is because he has a deep understanding of multiple cultures and how they work well together and in business.

Today, Maarten de Jeu is advising executives at a Fortune 100 level. It was in 2012 that he chose to found the SVM Advisory, and focuses solely on finance as well as insurance. His primary area of focus is working with Ultra High Net Worth individuals. His best skill is his ability to look at an investment profile and determine where his client will perform best. Learn more:

One of his top priorities is leadership. Becoming a better leader is important to Maarten de Jeu, and it’s important to him that he is able to be the best adviser possible for his international clients. It’s his expertise that he is sharing with his clients, along with his personal insight. As an international businessman, he is focused on teaching the basic foundation of operating business at an international level. He continues to teach on how to maintain a business at this level, as well as how to continue strong for years to come.
Maarten de Jeu worked with a group known as TDVK Management Consultants prior to the founding of SVM Advisory. He is now often referred to as the go-to person for international business advice, and he has a deep understanding of how things work overseas.

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Continuing The Legacy: Bhanu Choudhrie

 Bhanu Choudhrie is a man who has the acumen for business running through his veins. He was born in 1978 and grew up watching his family be a success in business. It was to no one’s surprise that he would eventually take this path. He is the founder of C and C Alpha Group and has continued to make a positive difference in the world of business. He makes sure to give back to the people that have helped him get where he is today. In an interview with Ideamensch, Bhanu Choudhrie talks about his life and career.

He says that his routine is different each day. If he is not travelling, then he is in the office early in the morning. He makes sure to watch for the latest trends in the market. His day is usually full of meeting with staffers and making sure the business is run properly. It is not all about work at the office. After he leaves work he goes to the gym and makes sure he gets some exercise. Exercise allows him to release the stress of the day and get him to think clearly about what is ahead. He will either go swimming or boxing. After that, he will head home. He likes to read a good book until he goes to bed. Join Linkedin to see Bhanu Choudhrie’s profile.

Bhanu Choudhrie that the one thing that sets him apart from other entrepreneurs is that he gets exercise every day. He wants to make sure that he can get away from the office and have time for himself. This strategy works for him because he is not focused purely on work. He is able to maintain a healthy balance and that makes him feel good at the end of the day. He also says not to worry about things you cannot control.

Bhanu Choudhrie is the perfect example of having it all. He is continuing to carry on the family legacy while making his own path in the business world. He does what he loves and is very proud of it. Knowing that is what makes him the happiest of all.

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Beal Properties and Chicago, Illinois Structures

Real estate is a pretty tricky concept. It’s tricky for people who are detail-oriented and mindful. It’s just as tricky for people who take more casual approaches to things. It’s imperative for people to be able to distinguish between real estate concepts in all parts of the United States. Real estate can be particularly overwhelming for people who put any attention into the Midwest’s Chicago, Illinois. The Windy City isn’t exactly small. It isn’t exactly unknown, either. These elements both contribute greatly to how tough the city’s substantial real estate market is at the moment. 

It can be notably hard to grasp real estate in Chicago all by your lonesome. If you want to be able to grasp real estate in metropolis, you need to get guidance from a trustworthy agent. Try to join forces with a Chicago real estate agent who has a lot of experience under his or her belt. Try to join forces with an agent who is more than willing to accommodate you and all of your requests. You don’t want to waste your energy on a professional who just doesn’t seem to care.

Beal Properties is a force to be reckoned with in the real estate sector in Chicago. It’s a big property management powerhouse in the city. People who want assistance with the handling of properties of all varieties often know about Beal Properties and all that it does daily. It’s been a real estate favorite in the metropolis for several decades.

Beal Properties isn’t a business that ever ignores the digital marketing universe. It’s a business that truthfully puts a lot of effort into social media. Its team members have a lot of wisdom that pertains to communicating via social networking platforms like Twitter. The firm has been active on social media for a while. Saves Hours a Day Sorting Through Emails

People spend hours per day sorting through emails. Many of those emails have nothing to do with work, and they have often come from subscriptions that people have completely forgotten about. Sometimes they come from subscriptions that had thought to have been cancelled or the person does not even remember subscribing to. It means that thousands of hours a year are lost to these wasted emails. 

People try to cancel these emails by sending them to junk or spam folders but they often find their way back to the inbox. There is one easy and permanent way to get rid off all the unwanted subscription emails. means that you can focus on the emails that are important. works with Yahoo, Gmail and Google Apps, and there is even an app that means it can be used on Apple and Android devices. Since a great deal of business is done away from the office, it is important to be able to sort through emails on the go. is very user friendly, and it not only deletes unwanted emails. It can sort through the emails you want and organize them into folders. It can be done by just swiping on your phone to either discard the email and unsubscribe permanently, or you can send them to any folders that you have created. There may even be subscriptions that you want to hear more from, and can send those notifications to you more prominently. With the easy system that uses standing swiping, emails can be sorted in seconds. Users can set up as many folders as they want, and they can always edit them any time that they want. even lets you decide at what time of the day you receive any updates that you want. It is an easy way to save hours on unwanted emails and finally find a way to stop subscriptions that you do not want.

Inspiring Exploits Of Enterpreneur Robert Deignan

The society has very remarkable people who have done amazing things to make the world a better place for all humanity. Robert Deignan is no exception, and his path to becoming a successful businessman is in itself an achievement. As a youngster, Robert dreamt of owning a business. He loved things dealing with advanced technologies. Robert was highly gifted in the athletic department, which led to a scholarship in football. 

Robert Deignan was raised and born in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Now, he is the CEO of ATS Digital Services, which is the industry’s leading problem solver. The company majors in finding solutions for handling electronics issues and help customers with the answers. The company started by removing viruses and dangerous malware from computers. 

ATS Digital Service uses a remote technology that can take hold o the client’s computer to remove malware products as most viruses can block anti-malware products from removing working. It is a brilliant idea that worked and helped the business take off. On a typical day, Robert Deignan would get hundreds of emails. Robert’s work involves reading, consulting his associates, and analyzing numbers for ATS Digital. 

ATS Digital Services is dong a splendid job in customer service. The company is AppEsteem-certified. To become AppEsteem-certified, the company must have superior customer service regularly. 

Robert Deignan holds a bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Purdue in 1995. His exceptional business skills and determination earned him both respect and admiration from his peers and clients alike. Robert has many profitable business ventures across different industries, unlike most professionals in similar positions. Robert Deignan is an invaluable asset that many companies would cherish to have thanks to his expertise and vast experience. Mr. Robert Deignan has worked in the sports industry among other firms. He has coached top tier sporting teams like the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. 

As an entrepreneur, Robert has established and invested in various businesses like Fanlink, which he created in the 1990s. Fanlink is one of the oldest investment pursuits, and it is during this time that he took a step to start ATS Digital Services. Before venturing into developing effective malware removal software, he assessed the available malware removal software in the market. The assessment convinced Robert to invest in creating better tools, services, and software for malware removal. 

Felipe Montoro Jens, Brazil’s Economy (2015-2019)

 2019 marks the fifth year since the 2015 economic recession, one of the most challenging times in Brazil’s recent history. During this time, the financial situation was bleak, as the deficit continued to balloon, while the job market shrank. The economic calamity, coupled with political corruption had an unforgiven grip on Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens, a native of Sau Paulo, Brazil is a financial consultant and economic strategist played an essential role during these times. With over 25 years of experience, Felipe worked closely with public and private sectors decision-makers to form calculated plans to right the economic ship.

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Felipe has attended schools in North America and Brazil where he studied business administration, kinesiology, health promotion, history, and Spanish. Felipe speaks three languages, Portuguese, English, and Spanish fluently, which has helped during his extensive international professional career. Adding value throughout his career, Felipe has filled leadership roles at Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 3 SA, Arboreoland Empreendimentos Imobiliários, Fonte Nova Negocios e Participaçoes SA, AC Energia SA, Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 2, Empresa de Generación Huallaga SA, Concesionaria Travase Olmos and H2olmos, Peru Inversiones En Infraestructura SA and Marañon Energia SA, Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo. The Fundao Getlio Vargas alum, Felipe uses his skill set to create and implement effective financial strategies.

In 2018, the federal government of Brazil gave the green light on a R$44 billion investment to implement 57 projects all over the country. Felipe Montoro Jens detailed the 22 sectors included in this wave of financial investments, which include hundreds of infrastructure projects. Many of the projects would involve the transportation industry; various government ran companies and government spending. Infraero sold thirteen of the airports it manages. Infraero is a publicly owned company that maintains and supports the airports in Brazil. There were also projects implemented to repair BR 153 and 364, which accounts for more than 800 kilometers.

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OSI Food Solutions and Rose Packing Co. a Match Made in Heaven

It would be difficult to think of a better match between two venerable Chicago-area meat companies than that of OSI Food Solutions and the Rose Packing Company. The two firms are now one thanks to a recent deal in which OSI acquired the Barrington-based company. The latter is famous for its sausages, hams and other pork products.

Both OSI and rose have deep roots in Chicago as family-owned enterprises that have been operating for decades. Both have enjoyed years of expansion, growth and are beloved by their customers. OSI Group was founded in 1909 as a single-owner shop by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. Rose Packing was founded as a mom-and-pop deboning operation in 1924 by Louis Rose.

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Both companies built a steady reputation for supplying high-quality meat products to local neighborhood customers who they treated with fair prices and respect. Both firms managed to maintain their “family-owned” and “caring attitude” as they grew into major meat processing companies.

Today OSI Food Solutions is among the largest food processors in the world. It maintains more than 65 facilities in 17 nations and employs 20,000 people globally. It reports annual revenue of more than $6 billion. OSI Food Solutions is perhaps best known as the long-time partner of McDonald’s restaurants. It has been the burger giant’s No. 1 supplier since the mid-1950s.

Rose Packing currently operates a facility in Chicago with 700 employees. Dwight Stiehl is the Chief Executive Officer of Rose Packing. He said his team is delighted to be joining the OSI Food Solutions family. It’s an opportunity to provide even better service and products to the large and loyal Rose customer base, he said.

Like OSI, Rose Packing has developed an international reputation as a company focused on stringent safety standards. Rose Packing has BRC certification. That’s the British Retail Consortium’s global standard for food safety.

Rose also uses HACCP to provide it with a preventative program to ensure food safety along its production lines. That includes everything from the arrival of raw materials to finished products shipped from the dock.

OSI Food Solutions is led by legendary Chicago businessman Sheldon Lavin.


Sujit Choudhry’s “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transition”

Earlier this year, May 9th specifically, Territory and Power in Constitutional Transition was published on Amazon. Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions is considered a vital academic read for those interested in the vast and varient workings of the Law, specifically. The reason for this being that the book contains a collection of essays, seventeen in total, that survey the range of challenges that territorial conflicts can pose for the constitution-making processes and constitutional design. How indepth does the book go? Well, the case studies cover countries going through intense constitutional engagement periods in a variety of contexts such as bi-communal countries, small distinct countries, and highly diverse countries. Examplses are often drawn from countries like Kenya, Spain, Scotland, South Africa, and many others. The collection prides itself on policy recommendations through a realist lens.

Where do Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson fit into this? Well, they stand as editors to the collection and had additonally released a companion policy paper with the goal of providing insight into the constitution-making process and offer advice. The two speak from experience, as Choudhry is the founder and director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions and has assisted in the constitution building for such countries as Egypt, Yemen, Ukraine, Sri Lanka alongside other a variety of other countries. Anderson has experience as a former deputy minister for the Canadian government. Anderson is also the former CEO for the Forum of Federations. Currently he works at the Centre for Democracy and Diversity at Queen’s University.

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Superwoman Smita Shah

There is a woman’s empowerment movement very loudly sweeping the country right now. It is a powerful thing to see an oppressed group demand the respect that they deserve and actually bring about positive change in our society. However, only a few can say they are actual leaders of this
movement. One woman who can say that is the one and only Smita Shah.

Smita Shah is among the most well known and well-respected entrepreneurs and engineers in the world. In 1998, Smita Shah founded her own company SPAAN Tech Inc. This surprised no one that knew her. She describes as a lifelong nerd who would be doing math problems while other kids her age were playing outside. SPAAN became one of the fastest-growing engineering companies in the world.

Smita Shah is clearly someone for everyone, especially women, to look up to as she leads the way at one of the country’s most lauded engineering firms. She has created the Smita Shah Female Empowerment Method to improve many things for women in the workplace with a sizable emphasis on self image. Shah’s empowerment method can essentially be broken down into ten steps that assist women in finding the success they are seeking. Learn more:

First, she talks about the importance of believing in yourself. She states that a strong self image should be a focus for female entrepreneurs. Regardless of how far you may be from your goal, Smita Shah reiterates that every
experience was worth it and every skill you have is worthy of respect.

Secondly, Shah educates about the signifance of throughly examining your ability. She states that one of the most difficult obstacles female entrepreneurs are forced to face is that growing up, females are conditioned to be passive which does not translate at all to the entrepreneurial world. It is important for women in this field to know their worth and abilities.

Thirdly, she talks about women exerting a strong presence. In the business world, very few things are as important as presentation. How women
present themselves when working as entrepreneurs is everything. First impressions and the ongoing maintenance and building of those relationships is hugely significant.

The fourth step discusses taking the proper credit for all of your accomplishments. Losing the spotlight to anyone who is simply more assertive is unacceptable.

The fifth step is about short term goals.

Sixth, Shah reminds women not to comply with feminine stereotypes.

The seventh point reiterates the importance of cultural factors and how they play into these situations.

The eighth step teaches to make others respect your position in the hierarchy.

Ninth is to keep your business and personal
lives separate.

The tenth step is about managing your time as efficiently as possible. Smita Shah believes these are the keys to women becoming the best entrepreneurs they can possibly be.

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Scroll up for the Rollup

Having way too many emails is always an issue, but in today’s world more and more companies are coming up with the applications or programs to fix that. Unroll Me is a program that helps you organize your email inbox by cleaning up the subscriptions we get via email every day. The idea of this program is fantastic but it still has its kinks that need to be worked out. Unroll Me works with Google Apps, Gmail and Yahoo mail is not currently working with AOL. 

To get started using this program you have to sign up for the free service online and link your email account. From there Unroll Me starts scanning your email to see which subscriptions you receive. It only took a few minutes for Unroll Me to scan a Gmail account that had more than 10,000 messages. If you want Unroll Me on two separate email accounts such as Gmail and Yahoo, then you would have to sign up in two separate accounts on Unroll Me’s website.

Once that is done Unroll Me shows you what they call a Rollup. A Rollup is a list of subscriptions that you receive every day. It is supposed to be able to identify subscriptions versus regular email. However, if a mistake is made it’s quite simple to instruct the Rollup to put certain messages in your inbox. You can also pick when to receive your Rollup for the day. There are three different times to receive it in the morning in the afternoon or at night. But if you would like to check your Rollup during the day at any random time you would just go to that particular folder in your email account. There is a specific folder for which all of your emails go to in order for Unroll Me to scan it to put emails into the Rollup.